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How to choose a website developer and what is important to know before ordering this service?

Posted: 2020-08-15
Author: team
Categories: Other

A website is your business card. With the help of it, you present your activities and try to increase the amount of customers, therefore it must be visually attractive, well functioning, provide clear and specific information, advice, answers to the most frequently asked questions from customers.

However, even today on the market we can find a number of poorly designed, non-functional website templates that are simply churned out one by one. So how do you find reliable website developers and what aspects should you focus on?

A web store developer and SEO specialist Alex from team shares his experience.

What should you look for when choosing website a developer?

Very often those looking for website or online store developers ask programmers how to determine if a person offering their services is a professional.

Some of the most important criteria in assessing the professionalism of a website developer is the experience accumulated, examples of work, and client recommendations.

Website developer Alex urges to focus on analyzing the experience of website developers: the more projects a developer has implemented, the more effectively he can solve problems and tasks that are difficult for beginners to overcome.

According to Alex, you should also pay attention to whether the site is convenient for the visitor, whether the information is clearly presented and whether there are any unnecessary elements. The technical side is very important, but the customer himself usually cannot evaluate it.

For example, novice web developers forget about testing before launching new sites: in different environments, in different browsers, the site may not work smoothly, the images may drop out, the text may superimpose over various visual elements of the site, buttons may not be pressed and so on. 

Customer feedback is also very important: when choosing a service provider, feedback allows you to feel more confident in your choice.

How important is the specialization of a website developer?

Customers wonder if a regular website designer is also good at creating online stores. For this purpose, the examples of work are often evaluated.

According to Alex, even if the developer has not yet created a website that promotes very specific services, he can still be confidently entrusted with this work:

“I work with both online stores and regular sites. However, I am more specialized in creating online stores. In fact, the area doesn't matter because building a website is a rather technical process. In other words, I don't need to build a site in a very specific area to take the job. I can easily create any site, as I will find similarities with previously performed works. Moreover, it is always interesting to bring new ideas to life”.

Why shouldn't you save on choosing a webmaster? What do we get by buying a cheap website?

It is very common for those looking for website developers to come across attractive headlines, for example: a website for only 50 euros or a website for only 99 euros, etc.

However, Alex advises not to save in this case, because a quickly launched site will not bring the expected benefit:

“A cheap website is a waste of money because a developer won't be able to find the time to completely put its technical side in order. So even if the site is beautiful, due to the lack of time for the project, most likely it will be disorderly on the technical side and won't show up in the organic search."

It should be borne in mind that high-quality websites are visited more, bring higher income, so the investment will not take long to pay off.

Online store creation: what to look out for before contacting website developers?

Before ordering a service, think about:

- What do you want to tell clients about your business? - What will the structure of the site be? - If this is an online store, will you need to import the products, or will they be added manually? - What methods of payment will be integrated into the online store? - What delivery methods are provided? - How many product categories will there be?

According to Alex, this is the initial information, but in each case, the client is consulted individually, since special functions, tools for more effective advertising, and so on may be needed. Online store building is a complex process in which it is important to implement internal SEO, match keywords, activate the SSL certificate, etc.

The website developer is convinced that, although the whole process is not very simple - it requires many details to be combined, collaboration on content preparation, etc., amazing results are achieved thanks to the work of both parties.

How long does it take to create a website and online store on average?

According to Alex, creating an online store takes on average about 1 month:

“If the client provides all the necessary information on time, depending on the busyness of the specialist and the site itself, the whole process takes about 3-5 weeks. It is rather difficult to specify the exact period, because many circumstances are also determined by the needs of the client".

But what to do in order not to have the site done in six months or more? According to Alex, it is necessary to choose good specialists who know their business, have excellent experience and have time planning skills: then the site will not be worked on over a disproportionately long time.

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